Coastal Taranaki School

This project involved extensive works which have been undertaken in two stages which is now 100% complete. The scope of the project was reroofing the gymnasium toilets with both coloursteel and Enviroclad. All the windows in the changing rooms were replaced. The gymnasium was built in the 1980s and fortunately they had used H3 timber throughout which meant that even though there was extensive leaking, there was no decayed timber needing to be replaced. The exterior cladding was an asbestos sheet which need to be removed out of school hours and to new MoE and Worksafe guidelines. All air tests were carried out prior, during and following completion, all passed. The new MoE guide lines were adopted during this project which involve greater communication to the surrounding properties via newsletters and or letter drops. A new cavity system and vertical shiplap battens were installed on the changing room exterior wall.


This stage of the project was fully enclosed in a full scaffold and shrinkwrap system which has allowed continued construction throughout a sustained period of extreme weather. The shrinkwrap, has been tested on a number of times during excessive high winds, with only minor damage being sustained.


The second stage of this project was to pull down a link walkway which had been built in the early 2000s. This was failing badly and leaking due to poor workmanship around the installation of the windows and cavity system not being installed correctly. The team removed all the framing, roofing and windows back down to the concrete slab and then fully rebuilt it but with bigger soffits and correctly installed cavity system and window installation. There was some complexity to fitting the link building between the two existing buildings as they were of different ages, one dating back to the 1930s and the other to the 1990s. We worked through the detail issues with the connections of these building with Ross, our site manager, and the architects and consultant project manager.


As is normal with a project which is carried out whilst the school is fully operational the major challenge to this project is the interaction with school’s staff, pupils and other stakeholders. Southcoast have continued to work on a daily basis with the school’s staff to minimise the disruption. At all times the requirements of the school have been met.


A fire report was submitted with the consent documents and whilst they did not form part of the tender documents, the council have requested that this work has to be done as part of the building consent. We have provided support and pricing to the architect and consultant project manager in order to upgrade the fire system throughout the whole school in a timely manner. This work is due to be started and completed throughout the coming school holidays.


Southcoast delivered approximately 60% of the project from its own resources to date.


Southcoast engage a number of specialist subcontractors such as Enviroclad and Coloursteel roofing and flashings, fire system work and asbestos removers in addition to the traditional subcontractors i.e. painters etc.


Clive Poles-Smith is the Project Manager for this project with all of Southcoast staff supporting delivery of the works. Steve Roberts acts as Construction Manager being responsible for the site based staff delivery and quality on the Project. Ross Lewis is the Site Manager on this project, Ross has completed a number of MoE projects prior to this engagement.