New Plymouth Courthouse

The Courthouse projects came with a number of challenges that were expertly handled by Southcoast Construction. This included our transition from Subcontractor to Main Contractor as Mainzeal went into receivership just two months into the construction. The construction was put on hold, however Southcoast had a view to take over the project, contracting Clive Poles Smith (the Mainzeal Project Manager at the time), in order to complete the project. This was approved and Southcoast became head contractor with Clive now working for Southcoast as the Senior Quantity Surveyor/Project Manager.


This was a large achievement for Southcoast Construction taking on a project of this scale as its largest Head Contractor role. This project required financial commitment and management, which we achieved without issue. Southcoast lost $135,000 in the Mainzeal Receivership but managed to cover this loss as well as managing the forward cashflow to cover the construction costs going forward without any external help from banks etc. Leading on from this, we managed the project efficiently and delivered it on time, on budget.


Additionally while construction was underway, the courthouse was still operational. We managed all risk, noise management and residential concerns, limiting disturbance and allowing the courthouse to continue everyday operation. Due to our level of professionalism and success the Ministry did not go out to market to tender in the following stage, but chose to continue on with Southcoast to complete the Atrium/Entry Foyer and weather-tightness works. The combined project’s value was $1.5 million.


“ Southcoast made the successful transition to take over as Main Contractor as Mainzeal went into receivership in early 2013. Since then Southcoast has successfully delivered the project, incorporating significant additional scope and undertaking removal of asbestos present in all facades of the building that had not originally been identified by the design consultants. The good relationship level of communication Southcoast had with the court staff greatly helped this process.” – Alex Sargent (Impact PM Project Manager)


Two years following this project, the Ministry of Justice put a further project out to open tender which was awarded to Southcoast. Again, the courthouse was fully operational during this time, working within the council bylaws regarding noise. We underwent a high level of planning and consultation with the surrounding residents including mail drops informing them of our timings during heavy construction and letting them know who they could contact should they have any queries or concerns. Temporary Traffic Management was also an integral important part of our planning process.


This project included a complete HVAC replacement, court refresh works comprising new carpet, new blinds and re-paint throughout the main court building and the Atkinson Building Family Court Administration Area, a first floor extension to house additional judges’ chambers – including constructing 14 piles up to 12 metres deep surrounding a 11kv underground cable – new enclosed fire stairs constructed on the exterior of the current building envelope, fire panel replacement and new FF&E and Fixed Furniture.


Southcoast engaged a number of specialist subcontractors such as the pile driving contractors, craneage operators, arborist, fire system contractors and asbestos removers in addition to the traditional subcontractors.


Clive Poles-Smith was the Project Manager for this project with all of Southcoast staff supporting delivery of the works. Steve Roberts was the Construction Manager being responsible for the site based staff delivery and quality on the Project. Kane Facey was the Site Manager on this project, working alongside all staff and subcontractors to deliver a successful outcome.