Spotswood Primary School

This project involved relocating the staffroom, Principal’s office and meeting rooms into two old classrooms, followed by pulling down the top storey of the administration building and installing new roofing, as well as upgrading the downstairs toilets and reception area in order to comply with the NZ Building Code in reference to protection from fire.


Once Southcoast was awarded the contract we set out a programme, which started in September to allow enough time to build a new staff kitchen, meeting rooms, principals and Vice Principals office in two old classrooms. We aimed to have them completed before school term to ensure staff could relocate before the end of year. Following the completion Southcoast commenced removal of the top floor building during the Christmas holidays. This decision ensured heavy construction was completed with no staff or children at the school.


This project included asbestos removal, which was safely removed during the school holidays. This required building a scaffold tent over the building that was air tested in accordance with the MoE and WorkSafe guidelines. This also meant that following the top floor removal the lower floor was protected from water damage while the new roof was constructed. The tent also became an asset during wet weather days. Due to the shelter Southcoast lost no time due to bad weather, therefore the project was delivered safely, on time and on budget.


A large part of the success Southcoast had with the running of the project was due to Steve, the Project Manager, who initiated daily meetings with Ross the Site Manager to discuss programming and budget. Southcoast’s policy is to ensure the management and staff are working within their capacity. For this project that meant that Steve – as a Director – had time to be on site to help assist with the overseeing of the project and seeing that all facets of this job were completed to a high standard. This is a reflection of our core values, where we believe finishing a job where the client and staff are happy with what’s been achieved is a key factor.


Another key element of the success of this project included having staff and subcontractors who had previous experience working on school projects. This meant the staff were able to work with the school during the project and had sound knowledge of the expectations on site. Site Manager Ross also has comprehensive experience in MOE building standards and was therefore able to work with and find solutions to any challenges within the MOE standards.


“We found that Southcoast Construction were well aware of our needs as a school.  They were very Health and Safety conscious, keeping our staff and students well separated from all construction work.  They advised us of deliveries during school time and of any particular work that may have affected the school.  When issues or concerns with building work or safety were noted they quickly rectified the problems.  Overall we were very pleased with our construction work.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with Southcoast on any future building work in our school.” Mark Fisher, Principal


Southcoast engaged specialist asbestos removers in addition to the traditional subcontractors i.e. painters etc.


Steve Roberts was the Project Manager/Construction Manager for this project and was responsible for the whole team delivery and quality on the Project. Ross Lewis was the Site Manager on this project, Ross has completed a number of MoE projects prior to this engagement.