Our People – New Plymouth

Key personnel

Stephen Roberts – Director

Stephen has proven project management capabilities. His ability to organise, plan and make the most out of our clients’ timings has given Stephen a track record of efficiently managing project builds. His ability to manage a team, provide effective solutions to client challenges and deliver excellence on all projects gives Southcoast Construction a leading edge in contract management.

Contracts Manager

E steve@southcoast.co.nz

M 027 477 0077

Gina Roberts – Director

Gina has taken on the role of driving financial and administration management. Her focus on process improvement, strategic planning and on-time project delivery, while managing multiple projects provides Southcoast with a dependable and integral team player.

Financial and Administration Manager

E gina@southcoast.co.nz

M 027 481 8567

Ross Lewis - Director

Ross ensures that all of his projects run smoothly through robust organisation of labour, subcontractors and materials as well as the strict implementation of all health and safety measures. His understanding of programming work processes and timelines to achieve continuous workflow is an asset to the Southcoast team, helping to run projects on time and to the highest level of completion. His extensive experience, can-do attitude and leaderships skills make Ross an integral member of our Southcoast Team.

Project / Site Manager

E ross@southcoast.co.nz

M 021 0831 8833

Mitchell Smith - Director

Mitchell has over five years of comprehensive building experience. His knowledge and experience in managing the removal of hazardous substances has been invaluable to our team. Mitchell’s positive attitude and high level of skills provide that all of his projects are finished to the highest level of completion.

Project / Site Manager

E mitchell@southcoast.co.nz

M 027 310 0719

Nick Moon

Nick has over 30 years supervisory project engineering experience. He is extremely proficient in communications, documentation of timings, tracking processes and management of clients. An absolute team player, Nick is able to work with all staff and has a history of developing excellent client relationships. His experience across industry such as major demolition, construction maintenance and more, has given Nick experiences to draw from when approaching problem-solving solutions.

Construction Manager / Project Manager

E nick@southcoast.co.nz

M 021 194 3114

Clive Poles Smith

With over 35 years combined experience across project management of major construction teams around NZ, Clive provides an integral part of the Southcoast team. His attention to accuracy and detail from projects large to small set an exemplary standard to which we complete all of our work. His strength in leadership and building relationships aligns with the Southcoast approach of collaboration and finding the best solutions for our clients.

Senior Quantity Surveyor

E clive@southcoast.co.nz

M 021 283 1038

Glynis Kemp

With over 25 years of experience in administration Glynis is an exceptional and valued member of our Southcoast team. Specialising in construction administration Glynis has exceptional commitment to project delivery, managing multiple projects with effective and professional liaison skills.

Tenders and Project Administration Manager

E glynis@southcoast.co.nz

P 06 757 9174 Ext 1

Amy Gibson

As the Compliance Administrator, Amy specialises in health and safety management and meeting the requirements  of legislation and industry regulations. Amy works closely with internal management, staff and contracting parties.

Compliance Administrator

E amy@southcoast.co.nz

M 027 572 5725